Throttle Response Booster
Throttle Response Booster
Throttle Response Booster

Throttle Response Booster

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2015-2020 any model Mustang fully plug and play

Roughly 5-10 minute install time

Use this device to improve throttle response of your vehicle. Be able to adjust your response down to lower fuel consumption or all the way up to increase throttle response to hit the line quick.

10 Driving Modes
Normal mode, Econ mode, Sport mode, Sport+ mode, Race mode, i-AUTO mode, Anti slip mode, Valet mode, Drag mode, Lock mode

Lock Mode (anti-theft function)
You can set the password to lock the car through the bluetooth APP chiptuning. The locked car will be unable to start and keep idle state. Enter the password to drive normally. Adopting lock and decrypt design to better control the car. There is no worry about parking the car.

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