2015-2022 Mustang Digital Cluster Plug & Play
2015-2022 Mustang Digital Cluster Plug & Play
2015-2022 Mustang Digital Cluster Plug & Play
2015-2022 Mustang Digital Cluster Plug & Play

2015-2022 Mustang Digital Cluster Plug & Play

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This kit includes everything you need to upgrade your old analog cluster to the new digital cluster optional in the 2018+ mustangs! It will work with any Base or Premium – V6, EcoBoost, or GT 2015+ Mustang S550.

This kit is fully pre-programmed to your VIN. It requires no programming from you. All you do is install and it’s ready to go! This includes all features and your current mileage. After ordering we will contact you when it comes time to ship to get the miles exact.

Installation time is between 1-2 hours and only requires a few basic tools.

We are now offering the Bullitt cluster with 180mph speedometer. This also has the new Bullitt startup animation. This is offered in both Manual and Auto, but Auto requires special programming at an extra cost.

All features and functions are retained from your old instrument cluster to this one. However, if you do not have navigation in your current car the new cluster navigation feature will not work. Ford removed the oil temperature gauge from the new cluster so that will not be included. For 2015-2017 owners there may be some features or gauges that show up in the cluster settings but do not work. This is because the 2018+ cars have these features so they cannot be disabled from showing up in the menus even with programming. This includes the axle oil temperature and oil pressure gauges on non performance package vehicles and line lock on 15-17 ecoboost vehicles.

Included in kit:


  • Programmed Digital Cluster
  • Steering Column Housing Assembly with programmed SCCM
  • 2-4 Steering wheel switches (depends on year and options)
  • New dash bezel

Timeline: Build lead time is 4-5 weeks, dependent on dash shipment from Ford. 

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